How old are your electrics?

The life expectancy of an electrical installation is around 25 years,undertaking a rewire can be daunting task but comes with great reward.If you have an old installation when it was initialy wired electricity was not in such demand as it is now.Once your home is rewired you have the piece of mind that the installation is up to the current regulations and is capable of withstanding the demand that you will put on it.

How do I know I need a rewire?

Below is a few pointers that will give away the age of your installation,to know for sure that you do or don’t need a rewire it is best to give us a call and book a EICR once we have conducted an EICR we will be able to give you the facts about your installation.

  • Fuseboard that has rewirable fuses
  • Wooden back boxes
  • Round pin sockets
  • Burnt sockets/switches

Partial rewire:

A partial rewire is were only part of your installation is replaced,This could be upgrading parts of your home (re-new cables , fuseboard upgrade)

What is involved in a rewire:

  • New cables installed to all electrical points
  • New back boxes for the cables to sit in
  • New fittings (sockets/switches/light fittings)
  • New fuseboard

Benefits of a rewire:

  • Piece of mind that your electrics are safe
  • Sockets and lights were you want them
  • More efficient (LED lighting)
  • Installed to your taste
  • No more overloading