Undertaking a rewire can be daunting task, but comes with great reward!

The life expectancy of an electrical installation is around 25 years. Once a property is rewired, it will provide peace of mind that the installation meets current regulations and is capable of withstanding the demand put upon it.

To check if a rewire is required, give us a call and book a EICR test. Once we have conducted the test we will provide details regarding the installation.

Below are some hints that will give away the age of an installation,

  • Fuseboard that has rewirable fuses
  • Wooden back boxes
  • Round pin sockets
  • Burnt sockets/switches




Partial rewire:

A partial rewire is when only part of an installation is replaced e.g. new cables or fuseboard upgrade.

What is involved in a rewire:

  • New cables installed to all electrical points
  • New back boxes for the cables to sit in
  • New fittings (sockets/switches/light fittings)
  • New fuseboard

Benefits of a rewire:

  • Peace of mind that electrics are safe
  • Sockets and lights are placed where desired
  • More efficient (LED lighting)
  • No more overloading