Fault Finding

Faults can occur at any time, with some being more obvious than others. In the event of a fault we advise to isolate the electrical installation as soon as possible and wait for a qualifed engineer to attend.

We aim to find faults within the hour and once we have located the fault we aim to fix it on the same visit. However, this may not always be possible as some works may require a quotation prior to being completed. In this is the case we will always make the fault safe until the time comes to fully repair the system.

If any of the following apply, we advise to isolate the electrical installation and contact us.

  • Loss of power
  • Loss of lights
  • Tripping circuits
  • Tripping RCD
  • Arcing noises comiing from accessories
  • Water leaked into electrics
  • Exposed live cables
  • Smoke coming from accessories