Fuseboard Upgrades

How old is your fuseboard?

If you currently have a fusboard like the one in the picture 1 we strongly recommend that you look to upgrade to a new 17th edition fuseboard. A new 17th edition fuseboard comes with an RCD as standard.

Fuseboards like these in the picture 1 do not meet current safety standard s and will need to have to be replaced eventually.

RCD Protection:

What is an RCD?

A RCD is a residual current device, this is a life saving device that is in place to prevent a fatal electric shock.RCD’s offer a level of protection that a circuit breaker can not.Picture 2 is an example of a new 17th edition fuseboard with RCD protection.

A circuit breaker/fuse/fusewire is only in place to protect the circuit and not the person using that circuit.